screen printing and embroidery lynnwood wa

Screen Printing Work Is An Artistic Trade

There are quite a few varieties of screen printing works in the works if you will. Most of them are commercially oriented. The men and women who avail themselves to this work professionally usually have to serve out a period of apprenticeship. It is quite easy for high school leavers to get into this trade on the informal level, but they cannot expect high pay packets. That’s because many traditional small to medium-sized screen printing shops are experiencing stiff competition from digital originators and graphic design alternatives that are powered by software and work from beginning to end at a much quicker tempo.

Retail and commercial customers, from small to medium-sized, and with no time to wait, may prefer the new generation of screen printing works but there are still some good things to be said about the so-called old order which, in the context of this trade, should not pass. Discerning clients who have their marketing and advertising house in order will recognize quality when they see it. And in turn, so will their clients.

Go to a traditional screen printing and embroidery lynnwood wa workshop, where much of the screen printing work is still being performed by hand, and experience things for yourself. And there are simply too many artistic techniques that a graphic design software package or a digital program cannot replicate. Those young high school leavers not yet ready for college and with an interest in art would do themselves and their careers a great deal of good if they could secure for themselves an apprenticeship in one of these workshops.

screen printing and embroidery lynnwood wa

By the time they are ready to apply their minds to CBT alternatives, they will be streets ahead of the rest in terms of artistic abilities.