Retirement And What You’re Going To Do When You’re Ninety-Two

They say this much about life these days. Two things about it are certain. Death. And then there’s still the taxes. It does sound like frightening prospects, but so it is. Better to be realistic than wish away the inevitable. Speaking of which, if you live that long, and indeed, it is hoped that you do, there’s something else about today’s life that you can look forward to. Retirement. And for that, surely, you will need retirement planning rockland county ny work.

Those of you who hold down steady jobs, for now, could still count yourselves fortunate. But due to having become accustomed to better and higher living standards, will the pension you receive from this job be adequate. And who says that you will be in this job until retirement age? It doesn’t seem to pan out that way these days. Companies continue to downsize and the first ones affected are always the workers.

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So, while you’re still working, able to provide for yourself while taking care of the mortgage, you might want to look at setting aside something extra for the day that you are no longer working a steady job. That is to say that you reach the official retirement age and are challenged to find another position elsewhere (at your official retirement age). Companies that do still recruit are perhaps ill-advised in taking on younger recruits, graduates or not, under the perception that they can always get away with paying lower wages.

But as always, at what cost. This is a story best left for another day. For now though, it might be a good time for you to start thinking seriously about that inevitable day, that day that you can no longer work.