Why An Electrician Must Be Available 24 / 7

24 / 7. Most readers are, by now, quite familiar with that signpost. They have their own business and depending on its nature, they’ve given the assurance that they will be able to respond positively or within a reasonable period of time within that twenty-four-hour window.

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By now, most readers know that it is standard business practice to respond to client calls, requests or queries within at least twenty-four hours. Leave them for longer and they will take it for granted that you are not interested, or worse, just not up to the job and maybe not even reliable.

Someone else would have wiped the floor in your stead, and that’s pretty tough. Shows you how competitive things have become. You would have thought that 24 hours is still quite reasonable. It is, wouldn’t you know, particularly if your business is offering clients out there higher levels of quality and standards than some of the rivals.

But business is business and clients don’t always have the money to wait these days. They’re also looking to come in as cheaply as possible. That’s too bad for them, because as you probably know, there’s consequences to that. And the 24 hour electrician santa ana ca, you’ve got to just say, will not be taking the tardy or complacent line. In his line, an emergency is an emergency. It’s not about getting the business before the next guy.

It is but that’s beside the point. More important is the nature of the business and the likely nature of the emergency. If left unattended, it could become quite dangerous and, really, no-one can afford that at all. Goes for all or most other essential services businesses who carry clients who will have emergencies.